15 Myths uncovered ideas to decorate your Home

15 myths ideas to decorate your home

Do you know why people look for professional house stagers? Because they know how to play with your house's strengths, enhance its points, hide its flaws and make it appealing. But what about if your budget is strict and you cannot hire a professional? Then you are probably in the right place. After discussing with the professionals, we are here stating some home decoration ideas that you can follow without breaking your budget.

Home decoration ideas


What experts are saying about why decorate your Homes:

Decorating our home gives us pleasure and a sense of freedom in the kind of environment we want, and it also reveals a lot about our personalities. Are you an outgoing who sets up as many chairs as possible to accommodate all of your guests or an introvert who creates the ideal reading nook? 

Everything you do, even the color scheme you choose to the number of throw pillows you place on the sofa, is a chance to generate an environment in which you and your family may thrive and leave your mark. 

Simple color schemes, warm tomes, and strong patterns can all be used to create a tranquil environment, a snug and inviting home, or a bright and energetic gathering place. Home décor can have a physical impact on us in addition to expressing ourselves. 

For instance, you might light a scented candle at your house to set the tone for a busy day or keep a lavender fragrance sachet with your linens to make them smell like bedtime. Not just this, but the reality is that it gives us confidence, enhances self-esteem and productivity. 

15 Home decoration ideas Nobody Wouldn't Tell You:

Here are some easy home decoration ideas that you can go for.

Focus on the ceiling:

If your ceilings are low, color them white to create a space that feels more spacious. According to the suggestion of Allen-Brett, hanging the curtain higher than the window make the ceiling look higher and the room wider. However, mostly the panels used are 96 inches taller, which means you can hang the curtain about three inches higher than the window. 

So, if you want to hang the curtains higher, you should order customized ones from the market. Do you like patterned panels? 

Vertical stripes are a great way to lengthen your walls visually. The curtains having a big mirror also makes the room look lengthier.

If you want to add more impact with minimal effort, using a black poster on a white wall is a simple, yet striking design.


ironic canvas for home decor

Doing Decluttering the Right Way:

If you desire to decorate your home but cannot decide where to start? Then our suggestion is to start by decluttering the bookshelves. The more time you consume in a place, the more chances you will deal with the mess. Thus, you should declutter the home for a fresh pair of eyes; one can also hire a professional to tackle bookshelves and closets. According to Breining, the cluttering method reduces the amount of stuff on your shelves by half. Then, mix diagonal stacks of books among the vertical rows and intersperse sculptures, art handcrafted ornamental objects such as bowls or vases.

home decor wall sculpture


Why Mom was right about Rugs:

Having an area rug also makes a significant difference. But you may wonder how to do place that, right? then let's follow these rules: all the sofas and chairs should fit in the sitting room, and the rug should place in that sitting area. And the first two legs of the couch and chairs should touch it. 

To accommodate a seating area appropriately, even living rooms with generous proportions usually require an 8 foot by 10 foot or a 9 foot by 12-foot rug. If you choose a too-small rug, everything will appear out of proportion.

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Here come new ideas to Enhance your entry:

Introduce a modest console table if you don't have a vast foyer—or if you do, but it needs some love. Choose a conventional table and then hang contemporary abstract art above it for a formal yet modern look. Then, for a more relaxed approach on the gallery wall, lean some pictures against it.

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Why Powder Rooms are killing you:

When a room is tiny, it's easy to overlook it, mainly because there isn't enough usable space for décor. It is, however, possible—and well worth the effort—to give these nooks some love. Take, for example, this restroom room. The small room delivers a punch with a light blush pink wall color and a surrounding gallery of unusual artwork.


watercolor painting framed canvas

Doing arranging the Lights the right way:

Ambient lighting, which provides:

  • Ceiling lights often provide overall illumination.
  • Task lighting is usually located over a kitchen island or a study nook.
  • Accent lighting, which is more decorative, highlighting, for example, artwork.

At least 3 watts per square foot should be used in a living room. It is said that uplighting is a visual trick placed in the corner of a room, and it sheds light on the ceiling, making the room look larger. 

painting canvas wall art


Why youll never succeed at Scaling Artworks:

According to experts hanging a picture too high would look completely ridiculous. the picture century should be at the center of the eye. So that if one person has a short height and the other has taller, then their size should be averaged by it. 

Consider scale as well; if you have a massive wall, go big with one large piece or group small chunks in a gallery-style arrangement. Keep the photographs close together for the latter; 2 to 4 inches among items look best.

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When Tidying ups send you running for cover:

Mostly, this is something that most of us did not want to hear because cleaning isn't something we enjoy doing, but incorporating a few pieces that help the organization can make a significant impact. 

Consider putting coat hooks or dragging in a nice coat rack by the front door. Then, underneath it, arrange a bit foldable chair to sit on when you pull off your shoes. The dreaded garment pileups will be avoided.

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The oddest place you will find adding mirrors:

It is said that the mirrors usually reflect light in the room, which enables them to feel the space brighter. Thus, putting the mirror in the room can enhance its decoration, but one should keep in mind that one wrong placement can seriously affect the beauty of the space. 

Mirrors should be placed perpendicularly to the window relatively than straight. In this manner, the light is reflected directly. 

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Why Lighting in the kitchens is Cuter than a Kitten:

"A bare bank of windows is better than an unattractive bank of windows when it comes to heavy, outmoded draperies," Lynne adds. Window treatments should ideally be both practical and elegant: Consider sheers with full-length panels.

Remember, if the area of your room receives a lot of light, you should choose light, non-fading hues. Cotton, silk, and linen mixes are the most popular lightweight materials for panels because they hang beautifully.

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Here Come new ideas for Furniture setting:

If we look into a hotel lobby, we will perceive that the furniture is set in a direction where the customers can easily interact. This should be the same when placing the furniture in our homes. A U-shaped conversation room or an H-shaped conversation room with a sofa, chairs, and a coffee table is best.

One classic blunder to avoid is cramming all of your furniture up against the walls

"People do that because they think it would make their room look bigger," she explains. "However, floating the furnishings away from the walls makes the area feel bigger.

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Not Knowing the Color of walls makes you a rookie:

Stick to neutral hues like beige or grey on the first floor, where flow is crucial. "You want as few abrupt transitions as possible," adds Breining. Neutral walls allow you to mix up your accessories, giving you the most decorating versatility.

If you have two small rooms adjacent to each other, painting them the same neutral color will help them feel more spacious. For a modest change from room to room, Allen-Brett recommends looking at a paint strip and moving up or down a shade.

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What Experts are saying about toning the Entrance:

The entrance has an altogether more significant effect than any other thing. When a person enters your room, the first impression he gets would be the last. So this should be considered mainly. It is wise if we paint the front door bright, like in many cultures it is said that red color is a lucky hue. In some cultures, a crimson door symbolizes heartily welcome. In churches, it represents safety. according to a San Francisco psychologist, two colors gaining popularity are orange and yellow. These both express happiness and warmth. 

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How low can throw blankets go?

A simple but effective design technique is a colorful throw blanket thrown over the sofa or at the end of your bed. This would be the best opportunity to enjoy different colors and prints before committing to one.

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Why your put a bold lamp never works out the way you plan:

Thanks to the contemporary leather lounger and graphical rug, this little area is sleek, trendy, and just handsome as is. On the other hand, the floor-to-ceiling lamp is an architectural marvel that genuinely adds to the overall wow effect. Look for a floor lamp that serves as artwork for a similar effect.

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